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Alisha Moy was getting an “unsafe vibe” from the guy she’d met on Tinder. After a couple weeks of dating Jordan, her initial attraction started to wear off (because he upped the needy creepo factor) and she broke things off. And while he blocked her, it wasn’t before he’d helped himself to a spare key to the apartment she’d just moved into. Fast forward to the day she came home from work and saw that “someone” had let themselves into her place. They poured canned spaghetti and beans into all her shoes, and plastered her walls with various condiments. Oh…and he also cut through all her electric cords and poured shower gel into her drawers. On the plus side, it was an easy case for the local cops to crack. Jordan has since been ordered to pay her back, pay court costs, do a hearty amount of community service. He’s even gotten a restraining order and probation to boot.

Source: LAD Bible