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When it comes to North Carolina, you’d probably associate foods like pies, yams, and shrimp and grits with being the most famous food but we are here to tell you differently!

Anytime you are visiting a new place, or a new state chances are you are going to want authentic food for the full experience. It would be a crime to go to Chicago without trying deep-dish pizza or going to the beach without getting seafood. Certain things just make sense!

Mashed came out with a dish list that lists the most famous food in each of the fifty states.

So what is North Carolina most known for?

Pulled pork! According to Mashed, “North Carolina BBQ is in a category all its own, and when it comes to specifics, it’s pulled pork for the win. According to the Southern Foodways Alliance, pulled pork has a famous food history that goes all the way back to at least 1769 and George Washington, who made mention of enjoying a BBQ in his diary. Today, pork is the BBQ meat of choice thanks to North Carolina’s early Scottish, German, and Irish settlers.”

So what about South Carolina?

Boiled peanuts! According to Mashed, “Boiled peanuts seem like a weird famous food at first glance. After all, why would you want to boil a nut? But according to Southern Living, they’ve been around since before the Civil War but didn’t become super popular until South Carolina newspapers started advertising them as the snack of anyone who was someone in Southern Society. That was around the start of the 20th century.”

Who knew!? Check out what other states are known for here. Maybe you’ll learn something like I did! I learned that South Dakota is most famous for its fry bread. Maybe it’s just me but I had never heard of fry bread before today.