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INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 15: packages await shipment at the Indianapolis Mail Processing Annex December 15, 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The US Postal Service predicts it will process over 640 million items on what will be the busiest day of the holiday season. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Stephanie Grime, a 40-year-old content creator from Las Vegas, is getting a lot of attention for her unboxing videos. In the videos, she opens undeliverable packages she buys for $1 each and reveals some fantastic finds…along with some things she wishes she hadn’t opened. Grime says she’s found everything from electronics to designer items to gift cards, but she’s also opened packages containing toenail clippings, dead crickets, and a potato. She buys the packages online and at a Las Vegas swap meet.

If you are a delivery driver in South Carolina, you might want to consider getting a raise. Working as a delivery driver can take many forms. If rural living is more your style, you can pick up crops from farms and take them to markets around their state and beyond. Suburban drivers can work for delivery companies that deliver packages to companies and to people’s homes.

Circuit used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to rank the highest-paying states for delivery drivers by estimated average annual wages. Including the statistics for the total estimated employment of drivers in the state. Data were taken from three specific occupations as categorized by BLS: driver/sales workers, heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers, and light truck drivers. Data for Delaware’s employment doesn’t include an estimate for driver/sales workers. There are 3,162,630 Americans employed in delivery nationally, with an average hourly wage of $19.08, and an average annual wage of $39,689.