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As we head into and start living in the Metaverse big trucks will be phased out. There are signs that these trucks will be phased out in 2030. This means that our future will have more ways to communicate, travel, and work a regular job. If aviation is not your hobby look up Elroy Air. They raised millions of dollars and could provide more than 500 aircraft to take the brunt of ground transportation.

What are your feelings about semi-trucks being a thing of the past in the next 2 years? The development of the Chaparral has been underway for the past two and a half years. In simplest terms, the new aircraft are hybrid-electric vehicles with in-flight rechargeable lithium batteries. More reliable and faster seems to be the selling point. It’s basically a modular cargo pod that moves rapidly loading and unloading but uses LIDAR for navigation on the ground. I’m going to miss our friendly truckers flashing their lights to watch out for cops. Truckers say the way they’re treated by their employers is causing them to leave the industry or is it because some refuse to get vaccinated.

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