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The online resource has just announced its latest word additions, adding 235 new words, 72 new definitions in existing entries, and 1,024 revised definitions. Many of the new additions fall in important areas of society and culture today, including homelessness, accessibility, disability, the ongoing pandemic, climate, the environment, and the social sciences.

Among the changes and words added:

  • Unsheltered – being without a house or lacking permanent housing; houseless; homeless.
  • Forest bathing – the practice of being in nature, especially an area with trees, as an act of sensory immersion undertaken for physiological and psychological health benefits.
  • Chair yoga – a form of yoga in which modified postures and breathing exercises are performed while seated or with the support of a chair.
  • Memeify – to turn into a meme; make the subject of a meme.
  • Throuple – three people who are engaged or married to one another, or involved as romantic partners.
  • Anti-vaxxer – a person who distrusts or is against vaccination, often someone who is vocally opposed to vaccines.
  • Megadrought – a severe drought lasting for two or more decades.
  • Trigger – to initiate or precipitate (a chain of events, scientific reaction, psychological process, etc.)
  • Generation A – the generation born between about 2010 and 2025.
  • Hamburger menu – an icon or graphic consisting of a stack of three short horizontal lines, which reveals a list of options when tapped or clicked on.
  • Zeitgeisty – relating to or expressing the general trend of thought, feeling, or tastes characteristic of a particular period

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