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There are tons of apartment complex’s popping up all over Charlotte. By now, it is no surprise. One apartment community is about though, that has a surprising new feature; it’s parking- free.

Optimist Park is one of the faster growing areas around Charlotte, thanks in big part to the popular food hall, Optimist Hall. The location is very close to the light rail, and one developer is using that access to try a new concept for Charlotte; a parking-free apartment community.

The Joinery is opening this Friday. According to WSOC-TV, It is a 83-unit apartment complex, with no parking. Mohit Shewaramani, The Director of Operations and Strategy for the team behind The Joinery says, “We really had sustainability in mind. We are really trying to think about how do we help people move around in the most sustainable way possible.”

Cars are not banned from the apartment, however tenets will have to find street parking instead. The team behind The Joinery is hoping this will encourage more public transit use.

I think this is a really cool idea, but I’m not sure if I would be able to do it. While Charlotte’s public transit system has definitely been improving, I think there is still quite a bit of room to grow before I would feel comfortable to having my car at all times. I do love the focus on sustainability though. And the apartments looks very nice, with a great view!