For proof that the U.S. economy is recovering, one needn’t look any further than Sbarro. You know the pizza you used to get at the mall? I haven’t had it in ages but gosh I remember that pizza being so good! It was definitely a go-to on my many many mall trips as a kid and teenager. Well now, the pizza franchise has announced it’s opening more than 100 new restaurants before the end of the year. The newest Sbarro location is coming to a convenience store near you.

Although Sbarro has stuck to such venues as malls and airports in the past, the new restaurants will expand the company’s footprint into convenience stores, says CEO David Karam. “Sbarro is not new to convenience— we’ve been serving handmade XL NY slices to customers on-the-go since 1956,” Karam says. “Our experience, economical business model, and position as the global leader in the impulse pizza category, make convenience stores and travel centers natural fits for us.”

Honestly, for me I think it’s those NY-style slices, it’s just not the type of pizza I get on a regular basis so it seems like such a treat. I’m not one for gas station food (though chains like Sheetz, QT, and others have upped the game for sure). If I come across some Sbarro pizza in a convenience store I might have to grab a slice though. Forget the chips or Chex mix as a road trip snack. There is no word on which stores will feature the pizza yet. Hopefully, some North Carolina ones make the cut.

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