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Long before silly things like “facts” and “science” ruined the magic, lots of us believed some pretty funny things. A Reddit thread asks people to share the dumbest thing they believed as a kid and the answers reveal a lot of us were very confused during our childhoods.

What did you believe as kid? Here’s a few:

  • “Angels were bowling during thunderstorms.”
  • “I used to believe god would like us more if we parked farther out in the car park. like he rewarded my able body to walk farther than the less fortunate… I was a weird kid.”
  • “Once breathed in gas from the stove… I thought I was going to breathe fire so I went to the bathroom and started snorting water.”
  • “Used to think that physically looking away from the screen would help the loading bar move faster.”
  • “I used to believe our parents lived in black and white.”
  • “All cats were girls and all dogs were boys.”
  • “Thought the ice cream van only played its music when all the ice cream was finished… because that’s what my cheapskate mom told me.”
  • “I thought dog tongues were slices of ham. I didn’t eat ham until like high school, because of that association.
  • That I could sit on clouds. Still disappointed to this day that it’s not possible”
  • I was told that Jesus was always with me and watching over me so I thought he was literally spying on me from the next room, I used to try and sneak up on him.”

Source: Reddit