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Tired of yelling at the top of your lungs to get your kid’s attention in their bedroom? We all do it, even if we don’t like it, because who’s got the time and energy to walk all the way to your kid’s room every time you need to ask them something? Well, according to Parents, one mom found a clever way to avoid raising her voice that gets her children’s attention every time.

The mom shared her hack on TikTok, where she regularly posts home organization and parenting tips under the handle @arinsolange. In her video, she explains her cheap and easy fix that keeps her from yelling to get her kids to come downstairs.

She says she bought four wireless doorbells and installed the buttons for them inside a cabinet door in the kitchen.

Each one is labeled with one of her kids’ names and the coordinating chimes are in their bedrooms.

When she needs a kid, she rings their doorbell and they know to come downstairs.

“There has never been a better #momhack—these little $15 doorbells have made our house so much more pleasant!” the mom captioned the clip. Impressed viewers have filled the comments section, with many saying they’re going to try the hack and others sharing what they do at home to avoid yelling for their kids. It seems many parents are using high-tech solutions these days, from texting their kids from across the house to using the “drop in” function to talk to them on their Amazon Alexa Echo Dot in their rooms.

Source: Parents

Written by LauRen


There has never been a better momhack - these little $15 doorbells have made our house so much more pleasant! Linked on my Amazon under ‘home favorites’ fyp momsoftiktok

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