Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more reality show ideas, another reality show comes along.  CBS has been given the green light to begin filming a new reality show competition! But not just any reality show… this one will have ties to the classic 80s TV series “The Love Boat”.

AV Club says in the new series called “The Real Love Boat,” singles are stuck on a cruise ship. The “captain” and “cruise director” help them find love. Exactly how they will do that is still in the works…but if I were writing the show, I’d set up cute little dates around the boat and then match everyone up for a great first date. As far as some date ideas, what do you hope they’ll have offered on the boat? If it’s a huge boat, like a cruise liner, I hope they have mini-golf since that’s one of my go-to date spots!

We also still don’t know how someone could “win” the show. But, we do know that the winning couple will receive some cash and an all-expenses-paid trip on a Princess Cruise ship.

Do you think this is something that you’ll want to watch? Do you believe reality shows are scripted?

Source: AV Club

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