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LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 22: A selection of "Baby Shark" toys are seen on a display at the annual "Toy Fair" at Olympia London on January 22, 2019 in London, England. The Toy Fair is the UK’s largest dedicated game and hobby event and aims to showcase the most anticipated products for the year ahead. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

We’ve all been on a plane with an unruly baby. I always catch myself when I start to get frustrated at babies crying in places like planes. I know that one day, that will inevitably be me, and I would want people to be kind.

The passengers on this flight were more than kind. In a now viral Tik Tok post, we see a flight full of passengers helping to calm a baby. The baby is crying while on a flight to Albania. Instead of complaining, the passengers join in on trying to help calm the baby. All the passengers can be seen singing, Baby Shark to help calm the child down.

The video has now reached over 7 million views on Tik Tok, and the people in the video are getting huge praise for their tolerance.



I’m supposed to be on a flight this Thursday, and I hope my group of fellow passengers will be this cool!