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Social media stalking your date is just part of the dating process here in 2022. However, according to The Sun, one trauma therapist and dating expert named Lisa on TikTok says to avoid viewing your potential bae’s stories at all costs. Why? You’re likely to see something that could “trigger” you all from a person you barely know.

This is a danger that presents itself early in the dating stage. The things you could potentially see when clicking on their story are endless and you probably won’t have the right context to know what’s fully happening.

You could see a girl on their story who he’s getting drinks with. She might be his cousin or his brother’s friend, but you don’t really don’t know so you overthink and assume the worst.

We read too much into these things. They could post a song and 10 seconds later you’re googling the lyrics to try and make it about you.

As Lisa says, “We are way too invested in their life for not knowing them yet, we have a much better chance of not getting triggered if we stay in our own lane.”

Lisa suggests this overthinking can be stopped by focusing on yourself and choosing to get to know them in person. People also agreed with the expert in the comments.

“Not having them on social media has helped my anxiety so much!” one user said.

Another TikToker added: “100%! plus you allow real emotional connection to grow without the jealousy, irritation and craziness muddling the waters.”

Someone else said, “I feel like I could find a red flag or ick watching their stories, I can’t resist watching them!”

Source: The Sun