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If you’re from the Carolina’s, you probably already know the success story that is Luke Combs. Luke is an Asheville native, and Appalachian State University Alumni (well almost… he had like 3 credits left to graduate). He has become one of, if not THE biggest star in Country music in the past few years.

Luke Combs is a known fan of Ed Sheeran. I mean, who isn’t right? He has sang covers of his songs for years. This past week, Luke Combs was playing a show in London. He started doing a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Dive,” and just as the second verse was starting, Ed Sheeran himself joined Luke on stage to finish the song.

Luke Combs is already a superstar in his own right, but I’ve got to imagine that there are moments that even he must get stars struck, and this had to be one!

The song turned out amazing, and the crowd obviously loved it. Check out the full video below: