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Talk about airing out your dirty laundry! According to the MirrorRedditor u/CraftyHold598 has posted a thread on the website about a problem she’s having with her new twins’ father. She says he decided to “up and leave” when she was around 14 weeks pregnant and had “minimal contact” during her pregnancy and fought for 0% custody.

She says she talked with her former partner three days before her planned C-section and told him the date and location where their twins would be born, but he chose not to visit her and never visited the twins during the two weeks they spent in the Neonatal intensive care unit.

Three weeks after the birth, the dad showed up when she took the twins home and she says he “demanded I change their names. I said no.” She had given the kids her last name, and she says he told her she was “unreasonable and unhinged.” Commenters didn’t think so, weighing in with support for the new mom:

“Once he decided he wasn’t going to be involved, he forfeited any right to being involved in any decisions regarding your children”.

“He insists on having kids, you’re pregnant with twins, he dumps you over text, doesn’t get involved during pregnancy, isn’t there when you give birth, fights to get no custody, and shows up three weeks after the kids are born to demand they have his last name? Lmao. Sod off”

0% custody, 0% rights. He fought for this and now doesn’t like how it tastes. Refer him to your lawyer. He’s the crazy and unhinged one.

I mean, if your kids are nearly a month old the first time you ask anything about their names, I don’t think your opinion matters at all.

Source: Mirror