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Best Cities For Street Workouts

In case you’re someone who “doesn’t have the time” to work out, there’s a new way around that excuse and it’s called “Exercise snacking.” According to “Bustle”, it’s “all bout exerting intermittent bouts of movement throughout your day that can be broken up into 10- to 20-minute-long increments.”

It’s called exercise snacking because you can think of doing bite-sized workouts. The best part? You still get all of the benefits you would normally get out of a longer workout.

Instead of a 45-minute workout, opt for two 20-minute workouts throughout your day. They can be just as effective plus you won’t feel as overwhelmed.

Exercise snacking helps to “reframe the narrative” of exercise. Since it’s a shorter task it should seem like less of a chore. It can actually be something you genuinely look forward to. Consider 20 minutes of yoga a reward after sitting at your desk for hours.

HIIT, strength training, running, and brisk walking are good examples of bite-sized workouts but experts say “any sort of movement that breaks up bouts of prolonged sitting is beneficial.”

This way of exercise is accessible for everyone. You don’t have to leave your home and commute to the gym. You can WFH or an office.

Source: Bustle