We all love our sweets. I mean, if you don’t, are you even human? A new survey has revealed just how popular certain desserts are in every U.S. state! This survey was based on Google search trends per area. Are they delicious? The answer is yes.

According to insurance company Coventry, ice cream is the most popular dessert in five states, making it the most popular in the country! Those five states were California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and D.C. Local-specific desserts did rather well in their states of origin, although Texas sheet cake was most popular in four states that weren’t Texas.

For North Carolina, the #1 dessert is coconut cake, which isn’t my favorite, but it is my mom’s! South Carolina’s #1 dessert definitely isn’t one of my favorite desserts…it’s jello!! If you’re from SC, is it true that people there really love jello?? I’m genuinely curious, so seriously let me know at lexi@kiss951.com.

For our neighbors in Tennessee, the #1 dessert is chess pie, which I had to look up since I had never heard of it. It’s a classic southern dish that is similar to a lemon curd pie or a cheesecake. There are a few variations, like chocolate or

Georgia’s #1 dessert is peach cobbler, as is fitting for the Peach State to be. Florida’s favorite is key lime pie, which – I can’t lie – would definitely be refreshing and nice to eat during Florida weather, so I can’t blame them.

Check out the whole list of the most popular desserts in each U.S. state at CoventryDirect.com!

Do you have a sweet tooth? What dessert can you eat over and over?

Source: HuffPost

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