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With 30 years of marriage under their belt and seven grown children, Hannah and Blair Keeley are clearly doing something right. And the Virginia couple claims they’ve never had a single argument during their relationship. Even more surprising? They say they’ve never raised their voices at each other, even while raising all those kids. Take about relationship and argument skills!

So how do they do it? Hannah, a master life coach, and Blair, a marketing professional, says to Fox News, “Relationships are a skill, not a gift.” That means they have to work at it and they say these tips lead to their conflict-free success:

  • Share feelings and expectations – The Keeleys believe arguing and yelling are the same as a kid throwing a tantrum, so instead they say they choose to communicate with each other before anger takes over.
  • Challenge each other – They rely on their faith when they face challenges and say a marriage between two complete people who challenge each other to grow is “a powerful and peaceful partnership.”
  • Read the body language – For a more harmonious relationship, the couple recommends listening without interrupting and reading the other person’s body language.
  • Never go to bed angry – They follow this rule because they say nighttime is when “humans encode their cognitive experiences” from the day. To do this, the Keeleys advise, “Always affirm the love you have for that person, even if there is no resolution.”
  • Communicate – The couple credits some of their marital bliss to the time, dedication and communication they gave each other early on in their relationship.
  • Believe that fights are avoidable – “Maybe the very best thing you can do for your marriage is believe that harmony in that partnership is not only possible, but easy to achieve,” the Keeleys say.

Even after reading this list, I still have a hard time believing that they have never argued in 30 years. Not one single argument? Doubtful.