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This story from the New York Post will give you nightmares, but it’s our reality. Three-inch parachuting spiders are invading America, and they’re not afraid of the cold. Parachuting Spiders, also called the Joro Spiders, are an invasive species from Asia, have set up shop in Georgia and South Carolina and are now spreading to Alabama and the entire Southeast. The question everyone’s asking is if the spiders could spread to their area, spinning webs that have been seen to be up to 10 feet deep.

According to experts, the answer is yes. Scientists say the spider isn’t affected by cold temperatures like others and believe the spider has the potential to spread north, including to New York City, and once they’re in an area they’re not going anywhere. Andy Davis, a researcher with the University of Georgia’s Odum School of Ecology, says to New York Post “People should try to learn to live with them.”


The spiders look like nothing you have ever seen. Blue, Yellow, terrifying.

For North Carolina, the number one pest that makes everyone scream is none other than the cockroach. Of course, because no one really enjoys these creepy-crawly pests. Cockroaches consistently rank as the most dread pest in the majority of states in the U.S.

After surveying over 3,500 people, Pest Strategies learned that:

  • 21.5% of people surveyed felt grossed out, while 4% were delighted
  • 25% of women ask someone else to handle it, compared to only 5% of men
  • 33% of men prefer to crush it, while only 7% will vacuum it
  • For people in North Carolina, cockroaches cause the strongest reaction, and crushing them is the most popular response.

Check out these key findings below from the study. You can see more on this study here.