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Charlotte Football Club is having their inaugural, home opener match this Saturday!

Many people in Charlotte are pumped we are getting a major league, professional soccer league, including myself. Soccer happens to be the one sport that I know… ALOT about.

My Story With Soccer:

I started playing soccer when I was only 5 years old, and quickly became obsessed with it. The half time oranges, the feeling you get after scoring a goal, the team building; I was in love. I used to dream of being on Team USA after watching Mia Hamm play on TV (I even once saw her play in real life.) I spent most of my summer at soccer camps, and most of my evenings as a child at soccer practices. At one point, I was even a ball girl for Wake Forest soccer games. My first ever email address was even So yeah, you could say I was obsessed…

After years of practice, I got better and better, and even moved up into higher divisions. I made it to one of the highest divisions for my age group by the time I was in middle school. Unfortunately, this is about the same time I realized I am not nearly competitive enough to play sports professionally, or even at a collegiate level. I loved the sport so much, but I didn’t feel that competitive drive that I knew I would need. Soon my other hobbies started to overwhelm me, and I quit playing soccer when I was about 15. It was the right decision but dang, was it hard!

It’s hard to believe that for 10 years of my life, soccer was my life. It holds such a fond place in my heart. I am so excited that Charlotte now has major league soccer team, and I can’t wait to check out the home opener! I hope to go to a lot of games in the future, too!

Here are some pictures of my soccer past as we all get ready for the Charlotte Football Club’s home opener this Saturday!