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Girl Scout cookie season has arrived and while that’s good news to anyone who looks forward to those boxes of tasty treats every year, it seems not everyone is happy to see them. According to Insider, the Girl Scouts, their parents and troop leaders, the girls are getting harassed by adults when they’re trying to make sales.

Earlier this month, Oona Miller Hanson, a Scouting parent in Los Angeles took to Twitter to post about cookie-seller harassment. “PSA for those buying Girl Scout cookies,” she writes. “Please do not make comments about weight gain or joke that you can’t have Thin Mints in the house or talk about your low-carb diet or yell at the girls for ‘poisoning’ people,” adding that those were actual things said to elementary school girls. Hundreds replied to her tweet, many from adult women who say similar comments led them to unhealthy eating behaviors as kids.

Another post in a popular parenting group on Facebook reveals more cookie-seller harassment and had others chiming in about what their Scouts have had to put up with:

Morgan Shelly was running a cookie booth at the grocery store with her nine- and 10-year-old Scouts when a woman looked at the girls and said “Cookies make you fat.” She writes that the girls were at an age where “something like this can really destroy your self-esteem.”

Girl Scouts are also being blamed for things they can’t control, like the price of the boxes of cookies.

There are even conspiracy theories about a Girl Scouts link to Planned Parenthood. And even though the Girl Scouts organization says they “do not have a relationship or partnership with Planned Parenthood,” some people have told girls as young as five they won’t buy cookies because they mistakenly think they’re associated.

Source: Insider