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Cropped image of cute fluffy akita inu sitting under table in cafeteria eating his food during his owner lunch, well trained lovely japanese dog eating with his owner in pet friendly restaurant

We all know that most pet owners treat their animals like family, and as some do with their fam, they’ll do just about anything to make sure they are eating well.

A new survey finds:

  • Pet owners take their animals’ meals very seriously.
  • 74% say they will read reviews before considering giving a product to their pets.
  • 39% say they will actually taste the product first before feeding it to their animal.
    • 56% have actually tried their pet’s food.
    • Another 53% have tried their pet’s treats.
  • 53% claim they tried their pet’s food out of curiosity.
  • 29% admit they actually thought their pet’s food tasted good.

Of course, it’s hard to always control what a pet puts in its mouth.

  • The average pet owner says they catch their pet putting something in their mouth that they shouldn’t about four times a day.
  • 39% say they’ve caught their pet rummaging through the trash.
  • 61% are so worried about their pet eating something they shouldn’t admit to losing sleep over it.

I can safely say I am part of the 60% who have not tried their dog’s food.

Speaking of food, the American Kennel Club put out a list of dangerous foods for dogs. You can check that out here.