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Pakistan Flight 8303 Crash - On May 22, Pakistan flight 8303 crashed, leading to 97 deaths.

Revenge travel will be the latest trend this year.

I’m not going to lie to you, when I first read the term, “revenge travel” I thought it had something to do with getting back at your ex. I was very wrong. Revenge travel is term travel experts are using to describe the sensation they say will be happening all year. At the root of it, Americans are sick of being cooped up and stuck at home. Now that travel restriction and COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to be lifted, get ready for revenge travel.

According to WCNC, travel experts are expecting people to rush back into planning trips and vacations in 2022. People want to take advantage of the opportunity while it’s here. I’ve got to be honest, I totally understand this mentality. I have been dying to get out of Charlotte on a trip after two years of being restricted. If there is one thing that the pandemic taught us, it’s to take advantage of the moments we have.

The Washington Post recently did a story on revenge travel, and they said many travel agents have seen a huge spike in businesses recently. I think people planning vacations is wonderful, but you should also keep in mind. With all this added demand, things like flights and hotels are bound to be more expensive this year. Hopefully, you will get to travel more this year, we’ve all earned it!