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Having a roommate can be a little tricky sometimes.  You never really get any true privacy, you have to play the car shuffle game every now and then if someone’s blocked in the driveway or parking spot, and when it comes to groceries, do you shop together or separate?  Also, do you write your name on the food you bought so nobody else eats it?  On the other hand, you always have someone to hang with and talk to, and if there’s ever an issue with the amount of actual pizza rolls in the bag you have someone that’ll fight to the end to crack the case.

A girl was recording a video in her room when her roommate interrupted her and started shouting about some “missing” pizza rolls.  She ended up recording his entire rant and she could hardly keep it together.  This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen so far this year.  Check it the video below!

I think we all have that one friend or had this roommate.