Residents of one North Carolina college town are fed up. A new petition has been filed against the Duke University fraternities by their neighbors. They are unhappy with the party atmosphere and want the fraternities out of the neighborhood. The petition has already been signed by hundreds of residents in Durham many of whom reside in the Lakewood-Tuscaloosa neighborhood, which is the community in question.

The area is often referred to as the “Compound” which is 5 houses that are occupied by members of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity. The organization has actually recently disaffiliated with Duke University, however, the parties off-campus have not shown signs of slowing down. According to WRAL specific complaints include students urinating on their homes, littering, and drunkenness. Additionally loud music at all hours of the day, and hoards of people.

The office of Alpha Delta Phi issued a statement as reported to WRAL

“While some chapter members may be among students renting private homes, we encourage neighbors to take concerns to the properties’ owner. The fraternity supports holding individuals found responsible for misconduct accountable for their actions.”

To an extent, if you live in a neighborhood that is that close to a college campus, you should expect some degree of parties along with the drunkenness and noise that comes with it. It’s actually very common for fraternities to have off-campus houses for the sole purpose of having parties. However, this does seem to be a little bit to the extreme. Hopefully, a resolution can be reached that works for everyone involved- the residents who are members of fraternities as well as their neighbors.

Source WRAL

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