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Harris Teeter grocery stores are changing their hours yet again. The grocery store chain announced they will be returning to their previous hours starting Wednesday, February 16th.

Harris Teeter had previously shortened their store hours due to the Covid-19 surge to more than 60 Charlotte area stores. They were closing at 9pm, during the surge, but will not return to their original posted hours.

This means the stores will stay open until 10pm from now on.

North Carolina has seen a fall in COVID-19 cases in the last few weeks. While positive cases still remains around 17.8%, According to The NY Times, many restrictions are being lifted.

Just this week,  Mecklenburg County officials voted to lift the county mask mandate that has been in affect since August of 2021. The mask mandate lift will go into affect on February 26th.

I feel almost nervous to say this, but it feels like there may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to COVID-19, and I know we are all ready for it to be over.