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A Colorado skier miraculously survived an avalanche and a huge fall with just a few bruises. According to Anna DeBattiste, public information officer for the Summit County Rescue Group (SCRG), it all started on Saturday when the Colorado skier and his mother were up at Loveland Pass to ski a chute that they needed to rappel down into.

Part of their gear didn’t release correctly when they were rappelling, so they went back to get it on Sunday. To reach the gear, the son cut across a steep slope, triggering an avalanche. His mom watched as it took him 200 to 300 feet down the mountain and off a cliff estimated to be 50 feet high, DeBattiste says.

It took his mother about 10 minutes to ski down to him, where she found him waist-deep in snow. The SCRG crew was joined at the foot of the mountain by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, a Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment Team, Arapahoe Basin Ski Patrol, and Flight for Life Colorado, but in the end, the mom and son were able to ski off on their own. He miraculously skied away with no injuries other than some slight bruising.