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Steak Tartare

No matter what you do as a parent, someone will have something to say about it…especially if rare steak is involved. So one mom is unfazed after being criticized for the meal she fed her child in a TikTok video. But we’re not talking about a typical kid’s meal here. This was a hunk of rare steak and the kid in question is a six-month-old baby.

According to New York PostSouth Carolina mom Katie Harley posted a video of her baby girl, Eliza, gnawing on a thick slice of beef, captioning it, “When I give my baby steak for TikTok.” In the clip, which has racked up more than 165-thousand views, Eliza is seen happily gumming the piece of steak, but some viewers called out the mom for giving her little one what looks to be undercooked meat:

“That’s not even done, baby gonna be sick,” writes one TikToker. “Omg it’s still bleeding,” shares another. Some even called what the parent did child abuse.

In response, Harley writes, “As the victim of child abuse, I’m astonished that you would say that feeding my child is abuse. Please be mindful of your words.”

And some research backs up the benefits of beef for kids, like a study from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. It finds “beef is an important complementary food for infants and toddlers during the first few years of life when rapid growth and development occur.” But rather than get defensive, Harley simply responded to the haters with, “People love giving parenting advice to people who didn’t ask for it.”

Source: New York Post