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A couple who met on Tinder had a couple of great dates when they first met, but their fourth date is one they’ll never forget. That’s when she went into labor and he stayed by her side and filled in as her birthing partner. And for that, he’s being called “man of the year” by some impressed TikTok followers.

It all started last September when Alyssa Hodges joined the dating app when she was six months pregnant. The 20-year-old from Australia says she was open and honest about it so guys knew “what they were getting into right off the bat.” Max Silvy, 25, admits he “wouldn’t normally swipe right on a pregnant girl,” but says there was just something that caught his eye about Alyssa.

The couple went out a few times over eight weeks and were supposed to go on their fourth date after she picked him up from the airport, but her water broke, so she headed to the hospital instead. Max came to the hospital after his flight got in and he supported Alyssa while she was in labor. But he didn’t stop there. In a TikTok video, she explains that her Tinder date stayed with her in the hospital after she gave birth.

He took time off work and helped her get through that first week as a new mom when her baby boy, Ollie, was in the NICU.

In the video Alyssa says, “I felt alone and Max carried me through that week,” Alyssa explains. “He set me up to succeed in motherhood.” The couple says those unusual circumstances have helped them bond and they’ve been raising Ollie together and are now planning to move in together. Max has adjusted to his new role and says there’s a lot to learn about being a new dad, but that he and Ollie “are bonding quite well.”

Source: Lad Bible

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