Ashley Manning is a florist working out of Charlotte who started a tradition last Valentine’s Day. She started the “Valentine’s Day Widow Outreach” program where she gifts widows in the area with flowers on Valentine’s Day.

SunnySkyz says her initial goal was just 25 deliveries last year. With the help of over 150 volunteers, this quickly turned into 121 arrangements. Now this year, she made over 400 deliveries. The money for the sweet deliveries comes from donations and local Charlotte businesses.

Manning, a mom of 2, explained to Fox News that the idea for the program started when she took her two kids to give some flowers to an elderly woman in their neighborhood. When she answered the door, the elderly woman explained that her husband had been gone for quite a few years and she had “forgotten what it was like to even get things on Valentine’s Day“.

Seeing her 10-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter react so positively to the kind act, Ashley Manning knew she wanted to do more for other widows. She said, “It’s our job to show our kids how to be human. And if we all were just a little bit more selfless and thought a little more about other people, I think this would be a whole different world” (Fox News).

Source: SunnySkyz and Fox News

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