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Talk about a terrifying discovery in the Georgia Woods.

Sheriff’s deputies in Georgia had a massive surprise this past week when responding to a call. They got a call reporting a woman’s body had been found along a hiking trail. Only, when they arrived, they didn’t find a woman but instead found a life-sized doll.

The doll was found in Hitchiti National Forest last Thursday. Turns out the only crime that had been committed in the Hitchiti National Forest that day was littering, not homicide.

The police department not only gave the doll a name; Selena. But they even poked fun at the strange discovery on their Facebook page. They captioned a photo of the strangely realistic life-sized doll, “The victim, now named Selena, is a little under the weather, but she has been having a nice day and is expected a make a full recovery,”

In all seriousness though, imagine how terrifying that would be to stumble across while you’re on a nice hike in the Georgia woods. The doll looks very realistic, so I wouldn’t have thought twice before calling the police either. Luckily, this time, no one was hurt, and it was a good-humored day of work for the Jones County Sheriff’s Office.

CLICK HERE to see the picture of Selena.