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Note to self; when I have kids, I need to mic them up for any and all activities, because the results are downright adorable.

We’re about to take the cuteness level up to 1000 on this Monday, as I may have just found the sweetest video ever. TikTok user, @chasing.sage posted a video of their 4 year old daughter snowboarding. The difference with this video, and the reason everyone has fallen in love with it is because the 4 year old was wearing a microphone. We are able to hear every adorable thought this little girl is having as she is snowboarding.

Quotes like, “I won’t fall … maybe I will … that’s okay … cause we all fall.” are just too cute.

Commenters were loving this young girls dedication, and positive attitude. Once you watch the video, you’ll have a hard time being sad too!

As if the child being mic’d up wasn’t cute enough, she is also wearing a dinosaur onesie, which makes the video just that much more amazing.