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(Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

Wow, an IKEA secret room is actually pretty cool! If you like strange things like this, you’ll need to check out IKEA soon!

A woman wandering around an IKEA in London stumbled upon a secret room full of amazing lights and mirrors.

Anjali posted to Tik Tok a video urging others to search for this hidden room at IKEA. The footage shows her descending an escalator and opening the door to the Infinity Room.

She captioned this magical discovery “Such a fun adventure.” Soon fans began to search for the hidden room at their local IKEA. Many people commented, asking if the room could be found in every store. Apparently, it can!

Speaking of IKEA, Americans have been saying the name wrong for ages. We talked about this on the Maney, Roy & LauRen Morning Show, and no one on the show could accurately pronounce it.

If you’ve never been to the Concord IKEA, it’s a massive store that walks you through different styled “homes” which are showrooms for their products. You then pick up the items you liked in a warehouse at the end of the shopping experience. Also, they have a cafeteria which has amazing Swedish meatballs, but let’s not get off track. How do you pronounce the big Swedish store!? It’s not pronounced (EYE-key-uh). Nope. It’s (EE-key-uh).

Source: NY Post