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barbecue chicken wings close up on wooden tray shot with selective focus

This weekend a lot of folks will be going to Super Bowl parties, and while some people will actually care about the game, there will be plenty of people there just for the food. And folks around the country may be serving vastly different food options.

  • Google has released data on the most searched Super Bowl food items.
  • Yes, wings are hugely popular but how you eat them may depend on where you live.
  • For East Coasters, those in Northern states are more likely to search for “buffalo wings,” while Southern states tend to search “hot wings.”
  • When it comes to wings, the Midwest and West coast are split more randomly.
  • Folks in Texas are more likely to search for buffalo wings, while Californians prefer hot wings.
  • Dips are also hugely popular, with buffalo chicken dip the most likely to be searched, and the top search of 18 states.
  • Cheese dips are also popular, but what type of cheese is another story.
  • For example, folks in Minnesota are fans of cheddar cheese dip, while Texas leans towards queso.
  • And Alaska and Hawaii share the same feelings about dip, with both having seven-layer dip as their top choice.
  • But Oklahoma prefers a sweet dip, with chocolate chip cookie dough dip their top dip of choice.

Source: Fox News