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Valentine’s Day is coming up Monday but according to a new poll, it doesn’t look like people think of it as a special occasion.

A new YouGov survey finds:

  • 58% of American’s don’t think Valentine’s Day is a real special occasion.
  • Only 30% of folks think it is.
  • And the feelings are relatively the same across genders.
  • 60% of women believe it’s not a real special occasion, while 30% do.
  • 56% of men believe it’s not a real special occasion, while 31% do.

As compared to other holidays, Valentine’s Day is certainly lacking in support.

  • In fact, most Americans prefer almost any other holiday to Valentine’s Day.
  • Most notably…
  • 79% of Americans prefer Christmas to Valentine’s, with only 10% preferring the romantic holiday.
  • 79% of Americans prefer Thanksgiving to Valentine’s, with only 11% preferring V-day.
  • Even Labor Day gets more love than Valentine’s Day with 43% liking it more than Valentine’s, and 35% liking Valentine’s more.
  • Other Hallmark-type holidays also get more love
  • 53% of Americans prefer Father’s Day to Valentine’s, with only 25% preferring the romantic holiday.
  • 65% of Americans prefer Mother’s Day to Valentine’s, with only 17% preferring V-day.

But it seems partners could be the reason for all this Valentine’s hate.

  • 34% of people say they’ve been disappointed by a partner on Valentine’s Day.
  • Women are twice as likely to have been disappointed than men (46% vs. 21%).

Do you consider Valentine’s Day to be a special Holiday?