Beauty Scores: 3042 America's largest home, built by George Vanderbilt and still owned and operated by his descendants sits in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC.

The world is home to so many incredible landmarks and places to visit. You could spend your entire life traveling and still not see everything our planet has to offer. It can be hard to even know where to begin. But lucky for us, one of the most beautiful landmarks in the US is right here in North Carolina. And another sits just a few hours south in South Carolina.

ParkSleepFly recently analyzed TripAdvisor reviews for famous US landmarks. They then analyzed how many reviews each of the landmarks had that featured the terms “beautiful, pretty, picturesque, and stunning” to create this list. Many sit in our nation’s capital, two of which I’ve added to my travel bucket list call Louisiana home, and another on the island of Hawaii. The rich, though brief, history of the United States is well represented with landmarks and monuments representing many time periods.

I’ve personally seen 8 of these in real life but would love to have the opportunity to experience them all. Read on for the list of the 25 most beautiful landmarks in the US including one from North Carolina! Can you guess which one made the list? Hint it is very near the top!

Gallery: 25 Most Beautiful Landmarks In The US

List features rankings from ParkSleepFly