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The Super Bowl is Sunday and while it’s always an exciting day for football fans, apparently this year it won’t necessarily be an expensive one.

A new LendingTree survey finds:

  • Super Bowl spending is expected to be down 19% this year.
  • The average American will spend $88 on Super Bowl Sunday, down from $108 last year.
  • And some people aren’t even interested in the game, with 28% saying they won’t even be watching, up from 21% last year.

Some of that money being spent will be used to bet on the game.

  • About 30% of Americans say they will place some sort of bet on the Super Bowl.
  • The things folks will bet on include:
    • The overall winner (18%)
    • The final score (9%)
    • The outcome of the coin toss (4%)
    • The length of the National Anthem (3%)
    • Parlay bet (3%)
    • Other (1%)
  • Overall, Gen Z are the most likely to bet on the game (42%), followed by millennials (41%) and men (36%).
  • But most people won’t be betting a ton, with 62% of folks planning to gamble less than $100.

If you’re on of the people spending money on Tequila, below is my cocktail recipe for a Tequila Touchdown for the big game!

Source: LendingTree