Photo by Francois G. Durand/Getty Images

I am a huge chocolate lover, I always have been. Over the years I’ve acquired a taste for dark chocolate but if it’s chocolate, I’ll eat it. Last week my buddy Wilson from WCCB here in Charlotte tagged me in a post on Instagram. He was doing a television segment at Twenty Degrees Chocolates in South End. As soon as I saw pictures of the tasty treats they offer, I knew I had to go.

Twenty Degrees Chocolates in South End has been open since 2019. And this is not your run of the mill chocolate shop. This place is fancy! The treats almost look too good to eat. I’ve never seen such beautiful chocolates.

According to the shop’s website, “Guests will find a gorgeous, jewel-box store reminiscent of Parisian specialty shops. We offer our handmade European-style bonbons, caramels, chocolate bars and other confections, plus a small selection of French pastries.”

I haven’t been in the store yet, but I’m having a good time looking at their Instagram page and shopping on their website.  They confection’s look like works of art or jewels. The colors and shapes are gorgeous. They offer gifts for Valentine’s Day and the heart shaped box of treats isn’t inexpensive. Giving someone this gift of chocolates lets them know they’re special.

Honestly, I’m almost scared to go into the shop because I KNOW I’ll drop some serious cash on chocolate. If you’re interested in supporting a local business AND giving someone a very special gift, definitely check this place out. I have no doubt it will not disappoint.