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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. You aren’t in a long-term committed relationship but you have been on three or four dates with someone you really like. The question is: is there a non-awkward way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them without coming on too strong?

The good news is that they’re also probably feeling equally awkward and are wondering the same thing. Marriage and family therapist, Dr. Jenn Mann tells InStyle that she believes the are four options for those who are dating in the grey zone” on Valentine’s Day.

  • Don’t say anything. Just pretend the day doesn’t even exist! Hold out for them to make plans with you. Of course, this means they might not say anything at all but don’t take it personally. Not celebrating Valentine’s Day this early on says nothing about your potential future together.
  • Bring it up casually. Ask them if they have any plans for that day and if they’re open to seeing you that night.
  • Ask them out. Take the lead and invite them to spend the day with you. You can even keep it super lowkey and casual like a bike ride or a date that just so happens to fall on February 14th. You can also just give them a small gift like a batch of cookies.
  • Make other plans. This gets you out of hinting around the subject or feeling any type of pressure. Plan something with your friends or treat yourself to a day full of self-care.

Source: InStyle