House plants seem to be soaring in popularity these days. I have several friends who have fully embraced the trend and are loving every minute of it. I on the other hand, have one orchid that may or may not bloom again. It’s pretty but also is a lot of work. I also have opted for several fake plants and flowers. Those I can’t kill and might be more my speed! But does the houseplant you choose tell us anything about your personality?  Cinch Home Services surveyed over 1,000 people about their houseplant experiences and compared this data to their Big Five Personality Test results.
Some findings:
  • 43% of people own more plants now than before the pandemic – enthusiasm being highest among Gen Z (52%) and Millennials (44%)
  • Nearly 3 in 4 people say they purchased a plant on impulse within the last year – Millennials are the most likely to make impulsive plant purchases
  • 1 in 4 say they’ve hidden a plant purchase from a partner – Gen X was the most likely to hide their plant purchases
  • People who scored higher in neuroticism were the most likely to be associated with the fiddle leaf fig plant, which is notorious for being one of the more difficult plants to keep alive

So What Does Your Houseplant Say About Your Personality?

View the full study and take the quiz to see what your houseplant personality is here.