395959 06: The contents of a typical survival supply kit sold at Earthshakes sit on a counter October 16, 2001 in Burlingame, CA. Since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC, Earthshakes has sold nearly 7,000 survival kits that range in price from $29.50 for an individual kit to $169.50 for a deluxe two person kit.

With the state of the world, these days being prepared for anything is at the top of many Americans’ minds. Climate and political disasters are certainly a possibility. And it’s one some people are making sure they are prepared for. You may know the terms “doomsday prepper” or “survivalist,”. The terms refer to “those who proactively prepare for emergencies, including natural disasters, as well as disruptions to the social, political, or economic order.”  But are North Carolina survivalists ready if something were to happen?

The team Pro Mover Reviews conducted a survey to find out. They questioned 2,318 US residents about whether or not they consider themselves survivalists. They then sorted them into which states they lived in to find out what percentage of residents in each state consider themselves survivalists. And good news, North Carolina fairs well with the number of survivalists. If something were to happen we might just be ok!

Read on to see the top 11 states and where North Carolina ranks!