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Four winter storms in a row? If the models shake out right there’s a possibility the Charlotte area could get a brief shot of snow, sleet, and ice. Looks like Sunday night into the Monday morning time frame. Of course, as I’ve mentioned before it’s still far away and the models aren’t in the agreement of winter storms.

The NWS says it’s too soon to tell what happens. They’re saying we may not get any precipitation at all! Either way, it’s funny to me that we may be dealing with winter again this weekend. Here’s what WBTV’s Al Conklin is saying… @AlConklin

FIRST ALERT: Not sure at all this forecast model data will verify as truth, but there are some indications that a wave along Friday’s front will bring a wintry mix to #CLT & the @wbtv_news area Sunday. Not sure, maybe, maybe not. Keep you posted. #NCwx #SCwx #CLTwx


FIRST ALERT: Timing differences on the potential for a round of wintry weather on Sunday & as such, the output is different on the GFS. It starts much faster & has more ice versus the Euro, which has a later start & colder air/snow. Who knows at this point? #NCwx #SCwx #CLTwx


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