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We’re used to some pretty ridiculous stories coming out of Florida, and this time, the story did not disappoint.

Iguana’s are literally falling from the trees in Florida right now. That’s right, if you weren’t paying attention while walking in Florida on Sunday, you could end up getting smacked in the face with an iguana.

The U.S. National Weather Service Miami-South Florida had to warn the public on Sunday to look out, and be aware that iguana’s were falling from the trees.

Temperatures were in the lower 40’s on Sunday in Florida. That might not seem exceptionally chilly to us, but iguanas are cold-blooded, and the low temps are enough to immobilize them.



Poor things! Nothing to worry about however, the iguanas are completely fine once they get some heat back in them. Nevertheless, iguanas falling from trees is definitely something you don’t see everyday.