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Just when you thought a wedding photographer only deals with bridezillas…

According to The Independent, a wedding photographer in the U.K. grew so frustrated with all the things she had to put up with at her job that she started keeping a list of the offenses. We’re not talking about dealing with bridezillas or clients who didn’t pay on time, Kim Williams was over all the bad behavior from men. She recently posted the list on Instagram in a now-viral post titled, “Things men did to me at weddings in 2021.”

Some of the things Williams had to endure from men include:

  • “Grabbed me around my neck on the dance floor”
  • “Asked for my number in the middle of speeches”
  • “Asked me if I want to do this professionally one day”
  • “Held my arm on the dance floor and wouldn’t let go, saying ‘now I know you’re single, I’m not holding back.’”
  • “Assumed my male photographers were in charge and refused to talk to me or even make eye contact”
  • “Told the couple their pictures will be better than mine because he has a more expensive lens.”
  • “Tried to kiss me”
  • The most popular offense? “Touching me”

Williams says she didn’t mention these offenses to the couples getting married, because she’s trying to make their wedding the day the best day of their lives, so she didn’t want to tell them, “I’m sorry, but your dad keeps touching me and it’s making me really uncomfortable.” So she started keeping track of all the groping, mansplaining, microaggressions, and sexist comments she got on a regular basis at work for a full year. And she says she felt like sharing it on social media because “It’s a conversation that needs to be started.” Williams encourages wedding guests to call out this behavior if they see it happening, just like you would if you saw it happening on the street. She encourages us to “step up and step in.”

Source: Independent