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If you’re looking to spice up conversation and even break the ice with new friends, changing up the questions you ask can help.

We all get in a conversation rut. When you change direction, you’ll be surprised at what you learn about your friends and even yourself. Try these “this or that” questions I found from PopSugar to gain new insight:

  • Never wear makeup again or never do your hair again?
  • Live with your best friend for the rest of your life or live alone?
  • Be stranded on a deserted island together or be stranded on top of a mountain together?
  • Trade wardrobes or trade hairstyles?
  • Trade jobs or trade hobbies?
  • Share one-bedroom or share one bathroom?
  • Let me name your first child or let me pick out your next pet?
  • Get a tattoo of my face or let me pick a tattoo for you?
  • Watch only your favorite movie for the rest of your life or never watch your favorite movie again?
  • Let me swipe for you on dating apps or let your mom swipe for you on dating apps?
  • Go camping together or go to the beach together?

There are plenty more questions to check out here.