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If you’re planning on traveling for Spring break, or any time in March, you may want to check your flight.

I have a flight scheduled in late March, and  so far, the time of my trip home has changes three times unexpectedly. I’m used to my flights changing by a few minutes or so, but these were hour long differences in arrival times; I knew something had to be up.

As it turns out, I wasn’t alone in my fight plans changing; American Airlines cancelled more than 800 flights in the month of March at the Charlotte airport. According to WBTV, the airline is reducing the total monthly departures by 835 flights, or about 27 flights per day. This is approximately 89% of the fight schedule they were running in March of 2019.

So if you booked a flight in March with American Airlines, be sure to check your flight to make sure the times haven’t changed. I’m glad I looked at mine, because I would have been showing up to the airport about 4 hours too late if I had not!