Whenever we post to Instagram, we have to make sure it looks perfect to us. At least, I do that with my perfectionist tendencies. But, what are people actually looking for when they decide if they like a picture or not? This new study reveals it might be less about what’s actually in the picture and more about who posted it.

According to WCNC, an NC State marketing professor says a brand’s (or person’s) post engagement is influenced by both how many followers they have and also the strength of the brand. But, it’s more complicated than that.

WCNC says research finds that most people like a “happy medium” picture. By this, I mean that people like pictures with a variety of color and light, but not too much or either.

On the opposite hand, people either usually like very simple pictures or very complex pictures. There has to be at least one focus of the picture that captures interest. For a lot of Instagram pictures, that’s usually someone’s face.

I am in no way a professional photographer but here’s a few rudimentary photography tips that I use:

  • make the focus of the picture off-center (look into the rule of thirds)
  • play with focus – depth of space makes any picture more interesting
  • outdoor lighting is always some of the best lighting – use trees and shade so the sun doesn’t wash you out
  • Flash pictures are fun to play with – sometimes you’ll end up with crap and other times, they turn out pretty cool

What are some of your other photography tips?

Source: WCNC

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