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The struggle to get kids to eat healthily is real. Parents who suggest or insist their little ones eat broccoli, beets or butternut squash are often met with tears or tantrums and sometimes flat-out refusals. But Newsweek is reporting that a mom on TikTok is sharing her simple method to encourage her kids to eat their veggies and based on her results, we’ve all been trying too hard.

In a video posted to her account Adamyfam, the mom says her hack is easy and starts with her nibbling on the vegetables she wants her kids to eat. Then she goes up to a child while snacking and starts talking to them while holding the veggies and doesn’t pressure them, but waits to see if they’ll take it. The clip shows it working with her son, who’s on a laptop when she starts chatting with him with peppers in her hand. And then he takes one without thinking and eats it.

Next, the mom heads into another room where two girls are playing on a computer and she starts talking with them while eating a pepper. Soon one of the girls reaches for a pepper and then the other girl takes one, too. It’s easy, but it’s effective and that’s all that matters. Her video has racked up 2.8-million views and lots of comments praising the clever hack: “It’s a scientific fact that food tastes better out of your mom’s hands or off her plate,” writes one user.

Source: Newsweek


How we get our kids to eat their vegetables… right after they finished saying they weren’t hungry! #kids #vegitables #hack #health

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