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When I saw this news, I was so excited!

My boyfriend and I are both huge fans of King of The Hill. In fact, we just rewatched the entire series; 13 seasons. 12 years after the series finale in 2010, there are talks that a remake might be in the works.

According to, “Original series creators Greg Daniels and Mike Judge will return to oversee the series through their new animation company, Bandera Entertainment.”

King of the Hill aired from 1997 to 2010, and follows a simple Hank Hill and his family in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas. I also love this show because it reminds me so much of my extended family from Texas. I love the show so much, that I even went as Peggy Hill for Halloween this past year. CLICK HERE TO SEE THOSE PHOTOS. 





Greg Daniels did tell in an interview, that the show would start up 15 years later. That means we would be getting a grown up Bobby, who would likely have his own life outside the Hill House.

There still aren’t official details yet, and it seems like the reboot could fall through, but I am so excited, and really hope this reboot does happen! I would definitely be watching!