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Packed orders move down a conveyor belt at the Amazon fulfillment center May 3, 2018 in Aurora, Colorado. The million square foot facility, employing 1,000 full-time employees, has over 2 million products ready to ship to customers globally.

This is so something one of my kids would do!

He’s not even two years old yet, but a New Jersey toddler who knows his way around a cellphone already knows how to shop online. The New York Post  reported that Ayaansh Kumar, who’s only 22-months old, treated himself to a virtual shopping spree and his parents only realized what happened when packages started being delivered and kept coming.

His parents were confused when the steady stream of boxes began arriving and asked each other if they had ordered anything. But it turns out, the big spender was their youngest child, Ayaansh, who got busy clicking while he was playing a game on his mom, phone. She had items in her Walmart cart that she was still deciding whether to buy or not, but their toddler went ahead and placed the order for more than $17-hundred worth of furniture.

As you can imagine, the family was pretty surprised when a dozen or so large boxes were delivered to the house and the dad, Pramod Kumar told the Post they’re now running out of space in the house for all of the packages, some of which are so heavy even dad can’t lift them. They only needed two to four chairs, and now they have 10 to 12, thanks to Ayaansh, but his parents are getting a good laugh out of it and they’re glad the story is making others smile, too. They’re planning to return most of the items, but say they want to keep a couple as a memory and Pramod adds, “Walmart has a good return policy, so we are hopeful.”

Source: New York Post