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Two radio broadcasters in Maine are out of a job after body-shaming athletes during a girls’ junior varsity basketball game. The Washington Post says Jim Carter and Steve Shaw were heard on a live stream broadcast laughing and calling two of the girls “extremely overweight”. It’s not clear if they knew their microphones were on at the moment.

A clip of the exchange quickly went viral, prompting the station owner at WHOU 100.1 FM to fire both Carter and Shaw. The station manager, Fred Grant, also posted an apology to the station’s Facebook page. He wrote: “Tonight, two broadcasters made comments that were not only inappropriate, they were also blatantly wrong…All of our students deserve our respect.”

Lexi’s Opinion

However, in the station’s apology post on Facebook, I think they failed to mention how wrong it was for these two old dirty men to be talking about high school girls’ bodies AT ALL! It’s absolutely disgusting and completely telling of their character that they decided to even be talking about teenage girls’ bodies, let alone in such a negative light. Like I want to know what made it okay for them to even be looking at these girls in such a way? Body-shaming anyone is abhorrent and I’m glad they got fired, but they also don’t need to be in or around childrens’ sports games any time soon.

One person on Facebook, Sammie Clemmer, agreed and said, “The girls singled out in that video will NEVER forget that. It will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Those girls are absolutely beautiful. Full stop. Regardless, their bodies never should have been a topic of discussion. Whether teeny tiny, beautifully curvy, or somewhere in between. The only thing those men should have been commenting on is their performance on the court. They humiliated those kids.”

Should the broadcasters offer a public apology for their actions? What other action would be appropriate?

Source: The Washington Post

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